some of our clients

Achaogen - Developing novel antibacterials

Biomatrica - Stabilizing DNA and RNA for personalized medicine

Cadence Pharmaceuticals - Makers of the APPROVED OFIRMEV (acetaminophen injection) for pain management

Caltag Medsystems Ltd. - Makers of life sciences solutions

Chiltern International - A Clinical Research Organization offering services in Phase I-IV and device trials

Click Diagnostics - Human-centric rapid diagnostics tests

Daiichi Sankyo - Leukemia pharmaceuticals

Dako - Cancer diagnostics and companion diagnostics

Diassess - Next generation rapid DNA testing

Drug Delivery Experts - Thoughtful integration of patient needs with device, formulation, and molecule properties

Guardant Health - Breakthrough genomic cancer testing

Genoptix Medical Laboratory - Biopharmaceutical services and diagnostics

Gen-Probe, Inc. - Makers of innovative products for the clinical laboratory and blood screening including the recently APPROVED Progensa PCA3 test for prostate cancer

Helena Laboratories - Serum electrophoresis testing

Luminex - Developing newborn screening assays

Medikinetics - Advanced healthcare communications and education

Mesa Tech International - Rapid PCR tests

Metabolon - Global metabolic profiling

Neurocrine Biosciences - Makers of INGREZZA capsules for tardive dyskinesia recently APPROVED by FDA as the first and only drug in this indication.

Presage Biosciences - Patented CIVO technology

Progenity - Prenatal diagnostics testing laboratory

Proterixbio Inc. - Transforming chronic disease management

Qualigen, Inc. - Manufacturers of the FastPack System, a fully automated blood testing system that provides rapid, quantitative immunoassay test results right in the physician's office lab. Qualigen's FastPack beta-hCG test was CLEARED by FDA in 12/07, and the multi-analyte control for FT4, hCG, testosterone, tPSA, and TSH was CLEARED by FDA in 3/13, and the Vitamin D Immunoassay was CLEARED by FDA in 7/13

Salix - Makers of new immediate release formulations of proton pump inhibitors recently APPROVED by FDA for gastroesophageal reflux disease, erosive esophagitis and related disorders

Sandstone Diagnostics Inc. - Breakthrough consumer health system CLEARED for in home male fertility testing

Sequenom Inc./Agena - Revolutionary genetic analysis and makers of the CLEARED MassArray mass spectrometer and ImpactDx Factor II/V Leiden genotyping test for thrombophilia

Spirosure, Inc. - Makers of the FENOM instrument for measurement of fractional exhaled nitric oxide, currently in clinical studies for asthma

Tiziana Life Sciences - Clinical stage biotechnology company

Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. - Makers of the GlycoMark test recently CLEARED by FDA for intermediate term monitoring of glycemic control

True Diagnostics - Developing rapid, affordable, and accurate diagnostics

pharma/biotech industry/intellectual property

CONNECT - San Diego area biotechnology business descriptions

International Conference on Harmonisation

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America


USPTO - The United States Patent and Trademark Office

European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products

professional organizations

AACC - The American Association for Clinical Chemistry

AUA - The American Urological Association

American Diabetes Association

NAPP - The National Association of Patent Practitioners

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